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Only available in some cities and also only in some vehicles

Car Air Compressor. This is an excellent additional while driving in isolated areas. It inflates a tire when it is losing air little by little. Does not work when a tire is completely damaged. Please take note that a jack must be used before connecting this device to your 12v charger.

Complete Chile road map which also includes south of Argentina.

Flat tire emergency spray. This spray an excellent additional while driving in isolated areas, but it is not available in the summertime due to high temperatures.

Baby seat. There are all kinds of baby seats available to rent. It is important to know your child’s weight and height.

(AVAILABLE AGAIN) Argentina crossing permit. We will need to know the number of days you will need this permit to be valid. Also, passports and drivers licenses must be sent to us in advance in order to have the permit ready when rental starts.

GPS. The good thing about having a GPS is that it will work in Chile and Argentina as well (you will not depend on internet signal).

Windshield and tire insurance. This extra insurance covers damages that are not covered in basic insurance that is included in rental rates.

Snow chains. Only available in some cities and for few categories.



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