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My name is Andres Gabor. I am LYS RENT A CAR manager since 1990 and owner since 1994. I was also main founder of LETSGOCHILE (nothing to do with them nowadays). I know Chile like the palm of my hand, and live here as well, and I would be glad to help with your car rental requirements in our country and also if you are planning to cross to Argentina.

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Our company rents different kinds of vehicles, from small subcompact hatchbacks with a manual shift to fully equipped 4x4 SUV with automatic transmission. All our offered rental vehicles are maximum of two years old and starting in the B category, they all come with air conditioning as standard. We have excellent commercial agreements with other car rental companies in main Chilean cities, like Calama, Santiago, Temuco, Puerto Montt, and Punta Arenas, among others, and that is why we can always find the best deal for you. Simply fill in our Car Rental quotation form and you will get a full reply from us in less than 24 hours

Please take note that our company is the only rent a car in Chile offering a 24/7 English emergency HELP DESK!!! This is a very important service, especially when driving on isolated areas, like Chile's Atacama Desert, or Patagonia. During your rental contract, you may send us emails, whatsapp messages, or call us anytime …. and we will always be there for you.

LYS Rent a Car was the first company in Chile and the second in South America to embrace the Internet age and offer online car rentals. Back in 1997, when we first started, half of our clientele was local and the other half foreign tourists, but as we became more accustomed to working with foreign visitors and their unique needs, our customer base increased and now the majority of our business is with tourists and other foreign visitors, also thanks to our working knowledge of the English language.

We have plenty experience with all the usual (and sometimes unusual) requirements, tourists and other foreign visitors might have and we are able to offer our clients the best vehicle according to their location and needs.